More Than A Traditional Claim Scrubber

In healthcare today, you need more than a claim scrubber.

Traditional claim scrubbers can help organizations, but they don’t go deep enough. Here are four key advantages RCxRules delivers versus traditional claim scrubbers:

RCxRules cleans data at the most efficient spot—the front end of the process.

Traditional Claim scrubbers sit at the back-end of the process, after charge transactions have been posted to your revenue cycle management system (RCM).

Unlike those tools, RCxRules is a front-end solution, leveraging a robust data model and modern, sophisticated technology to easily integrate with your existing EMR and RCM system. This integration allows our robust system to function at the start of your process, facilitating automated review and correction of charges before they hit your billing system. This game-changing advantage virtually eliminates the need for time-consuming charge correction and re-post efforts.

RCxRules delivers unprecedented automated data-correction capabilities.

The RCxRules solution sits between your clinical system and your RCM, enabling the automated review and transmission of charges into your billing system. Our unique Auto Correct functionality allows for routine issues to be automatically corrected. RCxRules reviews charges against both industry-standard requirements, plus tailored, high-value rules based on your unique and specific needs. All this ensures that clinical encounters are appropriately and compliantly formatted with the payer’s billing and administrative requirements.

RCxRules provides highly efficient rule customization.

Our industry-leading healthcare rules engine is purpose-built to help medical groups get paid faster with less effort, and quick and efficient rule creation is an essential component of that objective. Leveraging modern technology and relying heavily on end-user feedback, we designed RCxRules so business office professionals don’t have to be software developers to quickly and efficiently write their own rules.

This ensures that customers can quickly and easily create or modify rules to meet their unique, often evolving requirements. Great things happen to your financial performance when you can write your own rules, and only RCxRules gives you that capability.

RCxRules offers an unmatched breadth of the rule-writing capabilities.

Traditional claim scrubbers are limited to the data found on a standard claim format. Conversely, because RCxRules easily integrates with your existing RCM system, we can pull any relevant data that’s important to your rule-writing needs—and write rules against those data elements. This allows us to write a broad range of rules that other systems cannot match.

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