Predictive Solution

It’s easier to defend against what you know is coming.

Business success requires robust revenue cycle performance, but with reimbursement delays and denials so prevalent, there’s a consistent threat to that performance. Trying to ensure that thousands upon thousands of claims are compliant with ever-changing payer requirements can be overwhelming. Now for the first time, RCxRules gives you the capability to build truly predictive actions into your system so it automatically recognizes and eliminates recurring issues—before they become detrimental revenue cycle challenges.

RCxRules leverages a data-driven methodology and healthcare’s most advanced analytics capabilities to identify the top data-quality issues that are adversely impacting your performance. Understanding these historic issues allows us to build tailored rules that focus on these high-impact areas. Because this business knowledge lives in your system, RCxRules can provide an automated review of 100% of your transactions. By configuring the highest level of business automation possible, RCxRules gives your organization the predictive power and automated support it needs to improve reporting and to be more efficient and effective.

So how do you defend and, indeed, improve your revenue cycle performance in the face of denials and slow reimbursements? You eliminate them with RCxRules, healthcare’s only truly predictive system delivering clean data and improved revenue cycle performance.