Revenue Cycle

Automate Charge Review for outstanding revenue cycle results.

Business success requires robust revenue cycle performance. As the industry ratchets up the complexities and challenges of getting your claims paid, you can fight back with RCxRules.

RCxRules moves the management of payer requirements from the traditional (and expensive) back-end process to a clean and efficient front-end process. We analyze denial patterns and build rules around your most important issues. RCxRules quickly and easily captures and incorporates your organizational knowledge and expertise into the technology, ensuring 100% consistent and uniform review and management of all charges.

The end result? You get paid faster, with minimized effort.

Here’s how this powerful solution works:

  • RCxRules integrates easily with your existing EMR and revenue cycle system
  • RCxRules facilitates electronic charge passing from your EMR to your revenue cycle system by reviewing and cleaning charge data before hitting your revenue cycle system
  • RCxRules combines the latest industry-standard rules (LCD, NCD, CCI, MUE) with unique, high-value rules tailored to your organization, delivering unprecedented business impact
  • RCxRules’ predictive rules engine automatically fixes routine issues, eliminating manual review and correction
  • RCxRules consistently and accurately applies the rules 100% of the time, so your performance is guaranteed

Revenue Cycle Automation