Solutions for your biggest financial challenges

What stands in the way of your healthcare organization achieving higher financial performance? Chances are, you’ll find that RCxRules has solutions for the biggest issues on your list.

RCxRules is purpose-built to help you get paid faster, more fully, and with less effort. Our robust, intuitive rules engine sits at the front end of your revenue cycle process, seamlessly integrating with your existing EMR and RCM systems.

By leveraging both industry-standard rules and tailored, high-value rules customized to your unique requirements, RCxRules:

  • Significantly accelerates the process of submitting clean, payment-ready charges in traditional fee-for-service billing.
  • Ensures comprehensive and specific HCC coding to help you thrive in the latest pay-for-value reimbursement models.

Faster charge processing and reduced denials translate to increased reimbursement and improved payment velocity—and more accurate HCC coding leads to improved patient risk adjustment (RAF) scores and increased revenue.

Bottom line: With RCxRules, you get paid more fully—and with less effort and lower staffing costs.

The RCxRules engine has the capabilities you need today—and the new capabilities you will need tomorrow.