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Transfer your knowledge into custom-built rules to address your payer requirements, specialties, value-based contracts, and more. Ensure the cleanest claims go out—every time.

Unprecedented Customization

  • Gain more control by creating your own custom rules—no IT needed
  • Set key rules to autocorrect routine billing errors
  • Free up your team's valuable time to focus on more important issues—all while ensuring compliance and improving revenue


“Now, out of 3,000 tasks a day, we probably have to manually review about 100. Everything else automatically posts. Clean claims go out the first time without the need to review them.”
Christi Garriott
Christi Garriott Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Revenue, Peak Vista Community Health Centers

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Custom Rule Examples

The Challenge

A charge coming from the EMR into the RCM system consists solely of the professional component, but this medical group is able to bill for the technical component as well.

The Solution

A custom rule to automatically add the technical component to a claim. The rule knows which charges require the technical component based on the location and CPT data.  


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