Increase Reimbursement with Faster, More Accurate Charge Capture & Processing

The RCxRules automated rules engine is uniquely tailored to your healthcare organization's revenue cycle management needs, moving the review of payer, provider, specialty and other complex requirements from the traditional (and expensive) back-end process to an efficient front-end process.

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Employees reviewing revenue cycle management models.

Streamline With Automation and Get Paid Faster

Take control of the revenue cycle process while eliminating the need to manually review charge captures that originate in the EMR.

Automated Charge Review: Stop Manually Reviewing Every Charge

Have the confidence to know that 100% of encounters are automatically evaluated against a robust suite of rules. Accurate charges are processed immediately, and the rules engine ensures routine issues are automatically corrected, freeing your team to focus only on the charges with errors.

Revenue Cycle Rules Engine Diagram

Increase Productivity and Your Team’s Capacity to Focus on Revenue-generating Tasks

Our predictive rules engine integrates easily with your existing EMR and healthcare revenue cycle management system, delivering unprecedented automation, operational efficiency, and financial performance.

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Reduce Denials, Improve Automation, Capture Missed Revenue.

Say goodbye to tedious, time-consuming—and expensive—manual review of all charges coming out of your EMR. We build rules around your unique needs to automatically take care of routine issues.

Faster charge capture processing and reduced denials translate to increased reimbursement—with less rework, fewer claim resubmissions, and reduced manual effort. Your team is free to focus only on the claims requiring attention and other revenue-generating tasks.

Dramatically Increase Productivity and Ensure Proper Payment

100% of encounters automatically reviewed against 10+ million edits
25% of charge edits automatically corrected
4x ROI received on average
“One of the biggest things I like about the product is the auto-fixes that are embedded within the core functionality of the product, that certainly has allowed our staff to be able to focus on the more difficult edits rather than to having to simply work on simple claim fixes and simple charge corrections.”
Chad Barringer Director of Revenue Cycle Management, OrthoCarolina

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