That’s what we’re shooting for- keeping pace with healthcare’s ever-changing reimbursement rules
That fixes issues automatically, before they impact your business operations.
That delivers a positive, quantifiable impact on your revenue cycle.
That is built upon our data-centric methodology that drives both quick implementation and rapid, measurable ROI.

We believe the business of healthcare is overly complex and regulatory changes are making it harder than ever for clinicians to get paid appropriately for the work they do. 

We believe there is a better way.

RCxRules is purpose-built to help medical groups like yours simplify and streamline the reimbursement process. 

Our robust rules engine seamlessly integrates with your existing EMR and RCM systems. This allows for the automated review and correction of charge, patient, and diagnosis data—simplifying and automating the processes for both Fee-for-Service and Pay-for-Value.

Revenue Cycle Automation


RCxRules is healthcare’s only predictive rules engine that integrates easily with your existing EMR and revenue cycle system, delivering unprecedented automation and business results you may not have previously thought possible.

Learn more about revenue cycle automation.

Looking for a claim scrubber?

This video will explain how RCxRules is so much more—and why that’s better for your organization.

Check it out to see how our comprehensive revenue cycle rules engine will:

  • Review 100% of charges at the front-end of the process 
  • Dramatically improve EMR charge passing 
  • Automate the charge correction process 
  • Combine easily customized rules with a comprehensive library of industry standard rules 
  • Virtually eliminate “charge correction and re-post” 
  • Deliver a guaranteed ROI 

“Clean, accurate financial data drives strong performance across our organization. With RCxRules, the processing of charges from our clinical systems is now highly automated. With more accurate data in our financial system, we have dramatically reduced denials and improved staff efficiency. This helps us continue to improve the level of service we provide to our physician customers, which is essential given today’s competition. I don’t see how we could produce these results without RCxRules” 

Brian Hall
Physicians Resources Limited