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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I checked with ADP and RCxRules has never taken a vacation day, a sick day, or been late to work.  It does what we want it to do every single time, that consistency is a game changer.”

Duane Sheldon
Vision Innovation Partners

Director of Revenue Cycle

"I put the RCxRules Revenue Cycle Rules in a different category. It is one of only a few products we have bought where the value exceeded what the salesperson promised. It is usually the other way around where the salesperson promises a lot and the product struggles to live up to the expectations."
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Aaron Houston
Family Health Services


“Koha Health implemented RCxRules over 10 years ago and today it is a core component of our RCM business. The length of the relationship and ongoing success prove the stability and vision of the product. In addition to the product, our relationship with the RCxRules team from Sales to Account Management to Support to Development continues to be an enjoyable experience.”
Chris Fay
Koha Health

Chief Information Officer

“Based on our existing relationship with RCxRules, we knew they were the right choice to help us. We had three specific requirements for an HCC coding solution, and RCxRules was able to accommodate them all. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership.”
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Chris Cousins
Springfield Clinic

Vice President, Managed Care & Ancillary Services

“We’re very happy with our decision to partner with RCxRules. Not only have they delivered superior claim scrubbing capabilities compared to our legacy scrubber, but they have also demonstrated exceptional customer service and commitment to our success. TTUHSC looks forward to a long and productive relationship with RCxRules.”
Pat Conover
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Managing Director, Information Application Services

“Our team didn’t take long at all to get comfortable using the HCC Coding Engine. We were able to hit the ground running as soon as the product was in place and start impacting our RAF scores.”
Lauren Sightler
Center for Primary Care

Director of Population Health

“We do employee satisfaction surveys every January and July. Once we implemented RCxRules we saw a 24% increase in employee satisfaction. Our goal is a 75% net promoter score and we’re currently at 83%. We’ve seen employees go from feeling totally overwhelmed to feeling secure and satisfied in their roles. It's a win for us in terms of productivity and an obvious win for our employees’ wellbeing.”
Elizabeth Strohminger
Eleanor Health

Revenue Systems Manager

“With RCxRules, we have dramatically reduced denials and improved staff efficiency. This helps us continue to improve the level of service we provide to our physician customers, which is essential given today’s competition. I don’t see how we could produce these results without RCxRules.”
Brad Cox
Koha Health

Vice President of Revenue Cycle Operations

“I would definitely recommend working with RCxRules to anyone who wants to reduce manual processes and improve their rejection rates. PCLI normally operates at a high standard—we are always looking to improve and be the best we can be, and RCxRules helped us achieve that.”
Rebecca Ashley

Data Entry Team Lead

“The RCxRules support team is so awesome. Any time you have a question they respond right away with helpful information. Whether by email or over the phone, they’re always so easy to work with.”
Shymeka Lewis
Center for Primary Care

Coding Manager

“RCxRules isn’t afraid to think outside of the box to automate tasks that could reduce denials. When you have a high-volume business, automation is the best option to reduce manual errors —and this particular type of transparent automation that gives the user clear oversight and full control is a game changer.”
Twyla Fuertes
HNI Healthcare

VP of Revenue Cycle and Managed Care

In-Depth Case Studies

Revenue Cycle Company Brings Medical Practices Live 66% Faster While Continuing to Grow Their Revenue

Koha Health, in partnership with RCxRules, streamlined client data management through an automated rules engine. This led to significant improvements including a 65% automation rate, a 66% faster client onboarding process, and a notable reduction in denial rate and accounts receivable days.

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How Eleanor Health Reduced Their Month-End Closing Time from 15 Days to Just One ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

 Eleanor Health, a mental health treatment provider, used to struggle with an over 15-day billing and coding process each month due to the complexity of their specialty contracts with payers, but they have now dramatically streamlined this to just 1 day with a custom AI solution from RCxRules.

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How ENT and Allergy Associates Automatically Corrects 82% of Their Claim Errors

Since implementing the Revenue Cycle Engine, ENT and Allergy Associates has achieved an 82% automation rate, meaning staff only has to intervene on 18% of billing and coding issues. Learn more in this case study.

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How Center for Primary Care Improved their HCC Coding Without Hiring Additional Staff ‎

Center for Primary Care chose the HCC Coding Engine to streamline their risk adjustment coding workflow and improve their RAF score accuracy through automation. Learn how the software helped them uncover $6M in RAF value and work more efficiently without hiring additional coders.

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How U.S. Dermatology Partners Achieved Their Highest Clean Claim Rates Despite Staffing Challenges

U.S. Dermatology Partners implemented the RCxRules Revenue Cycle Engine to automate the charge import and review process. The team was able to overcome their staffing challenges by reallocating 10 full-time employees–while simultaneously achieving their highest ever clean claim rate.

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How Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute Achieved Their Lowest-Ever Rejection Rates

Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute (PCLI) was already operating at a high standard when it came to their clean claim rate—but they knew they could do better. Find out how they achieved a 75% automation rate and their lowest-ever rejection rates with RCxRules.

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The South Bend Clinic Increases Employee Performance and Grows Organization

Discover how South Bend added 31,000 encounters annually without hiring additional staff.

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Billing Company, PRL, Brings Medical Practices Live 66% Faster

Read how PRL brought new practices live faster, reduced dependency on expert staff and improved financial results for themselves and their customers.

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Baptist Primary Care Grows Organization-Without Increasing Operational Costs

Learn how Baptist reduced backend edits by 50%, reduced denials by 12% and accelerated insurance payments in just 90 days.

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Success Stories: How GE Centricity Users Win with RCxRules

Check out three examples of how GE Centricity users have been realizing tremendous value with RCxRules.

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Success Stories: How Allscripts Users Win with RCxRules

Read these four real-life examples of how Allscripts PM users have been finding great value with the flexible integration of RCxRules software.

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MA Hospital Increases HCC Recapture for More Accurate Risk Adjustment

Learn how one organization increased their HCC recapture rate by 15% in 60 days, uncovering $750,000 in HCC recapture opportunities.

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How Arizona Community Physicians expanded its HCC coding process from 12 sites to 53—with higher accuracy and fewer FTEs

Arizona Community Physicians’ HCC coding process required 3 FTEs for only 12 sites. Now, with targeted HCC coding rules implemented using RCxRules software and backed by a concurrent coder review process, 2 FTEs handle all 53 of its sites.

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South Bend Clinic Improves RAF Score Accuracy and HCC Coder Efficiency

SBC hired a single HCC coder to concurrently review value-based encounters. They leveraged their coder and the RCxRules software to improve RAF scores by 34% through increased HCC capture/re-capture rates. 

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Quick ROI for FQHC

Peak Vista Community Health Centers, an FQHC, turned to RCxRules to improve billing efficiency. Learn how the Revenue Cycle Rules software lead to a quick ROI.

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Crystal Run Healthcare Strengthens Bottom Line

 The more eyes for charge review, the better the results, so they thought—until they explored RCxRules Revenue Cycle Rules Software. A new chapter in raising efficiency and implementing cost savings had begun.

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How Crozer Health Improved Efficiency and Reduced Denials

Crozer Health implemented RCxRules to be the conduit where all charges were interfaced or manually posted. The use of a single platform introduced a consistent and scalable charge review process across all clinical systems.

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How U.S. Dermatology Partners Achieved Their Highest Clean Claim Rates Despite Staffing Challenges

U.S. Dermatology Partners implemented the RCxRules Revenue Cycle Engine to automate the charge import and review process. The team was able to overcome their staffing challenges by reallocating 10 full-time employees–while simultaneously achieving their highest ever clean claim rate.

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