The South Bend Clinic Increases Employee Performance and Grows Organization

The Challenge

The existing manual charge review process was cumbersome and time-consuming. South Bend Clinic sought technology capable of driving more consistency and efficiency into the process.

The goals: increase productivity and decrease employee burnout.

“RCxRules has fine-tuned our RCM operations with their technology and dedicated support team. It’s simple—performance is higher and administrative costs are lower.”
Claudius Moore Chief Information Officer

The Solution

South Bend partnered with RCxRules to automatically review 100% of charges entered into the clinic’s EHR and clinical systems before they reached the PM System. Then would automatically fix routine data quality issues while directing exceptions to the right resource.


  • Grew Organization: By automating charge review and correction, South Bend was able to achieve substantial performance growth, adding 31,000 encounters annually without hiring more staff.
  • Reduced Costs: By improving claim accuracy, RCxRules minimized rework and end-of-the-month crunches—reducing overtime costs by $15,000.
  • Increased Productivity: The ability to automate most of the charge review process resulted in a productivity hike, freeing up the work of 3 FTEs. Coder overtime was also eliminated, saving South Bend time and money that were better spent on continuing education.
  • Improved Process: The rules engine’s reporting provided data that drove process refinement, efficiencies, and improvements, especially in communications between the front and back offices.
  • Heightened Morale: Less stress and expanded employee bandwidth enabled new training and growth opportunities.

About The South Bend Clinic

The South Bend Clinic, located in South Bend, Indiana, has nearly 150 providers, comprised of almost 30 different board certifications. Founded in 1916, the patient-centered organization has been serving their community for over 100 years.



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