Let Your Revenue Cycle and HCC Coding Teams Perform at Their Best with Automation Software

The RCxRules software works on the front end of your process, automatically reviewing 100% of charges against revenue cycle and HCC coding rules tailored to your specific needs. We help deliver the most accurate and complete billing, coding, and HCC data for optimum process efficiency and financial results—every time, guaranteed.

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Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle with Custom Rules

You know the ins and outs of your revenue cycle operation. We know automation. We use your knowledge and expertise to custom build a solution to meet your complex coding and billing challenges.  

  • Consistently meet your revenue cycle management metrics
  • Ensure a smoother, more predictable month end
  • Finish your day on time
  • Get the most out of your team, focus them on the most important issues
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Conquer HCC Coding and Improve RAF Scores

Enable physicians and coders to do what they do best—and get paid accurately for the great care you provide.

RCxRules automatically reviews 100% of HCC diagnosis codes coming out of your EMR in real time, and flags any encounter with diagnosis coding gaps, so your coders can review and correct codes before they’re submitted as a claim. RCxRules helps ensure you are compensated appropriately for the care your physicians provide. 

  • Boost HCC coder productivity by 300%
  • See an increase of 20% in HCC codes captured
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Dramatically Increase Productivity and Ensure Proper Payment

“When I think about RCxRules, I think about them more as a business partner rather than just a vendor, because they’ve really listened to us—what our business needs are and helped to configure our system to meet those needs.”
Chad Barringer Director of Revenue Cycle Management, OrthoCarolina
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Expand Your Team’s Reach and Control with Seamless Integration

By leveraging a robust data model and modern technology, RCxRules seamlessly integrates with your existing EMR and revenue cycle management systems.

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Experience unprecedented automation capabilities
for your fee-for-service and value-based revenue streams.

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