RAF Scores Not Aligning with Your Care?

We ensure the codes match the care.

RCxRules' HCC Coding Tool automatically reviews 100% of the diagnosis codes coming out of your EMR to ensure full HCC capture for the most accurate RAF scores.


A Quick and Cost-Effective Solution to Improve RAF Scores

Using HCC coders alone is a cost prohibitive way to improve HCC capture/re-capture rates. RCxRules automated HCC coding software dramatically increases coder productivity by identifying and directing only those high-value encounters with HCC coding gaps to coders for review. All before a claim is submitted. 

How HCC Coding Tool Improves RAF Scores

Supported value-based programs:


  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Managed Medicaid
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Comprehensive Primary Care Plus
  • Oncology Care Model

Dramatically Increase Coder Productivity and RAF Scores

300% increase in HCC coder productivity
30% increase or more in RAF scores
"On day one we saw immediate value by capturing missed RAF revenue. The increase in revenue required zero process changes to our clinical operations and optimized our coder’s productivity. Any value-based care organization should use RCxRules, it pays for itself ten-fold."
Shannon Hubler Chief Operating Officer, The South Bend Clinic

Inside the HCC Coding Tool

RCxRules identifies value-based encounters and reviews those encounters for HCC coding gaps. The software compares diagnosis codes to historical HCCs, as well as, suspected HCCs from population health management software or a payer.

If there’s a missed HCC code, your coders can review and correct the diagnosis code before it’s submitted as a claim.

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Where the hcc coding tool fits into the workflow


A Simple Approach to RAF Score Improvement

Concurrent CODER Review

Retrospective chart reviews are manual and expensive. RCxRules' instantaneous coding workflow reviews encounters before they are submitted as a claim. Ensure accurate HCC capture the first time.

7x ROISUPPORTED BY reporting

Track HCC improvements with real time insights into the HCCs added/deleted by your coders. See how the software pays for itself within the first few months.

world class support

Your success is our success. We pride ourselves on the quality of our implementations and support. A dedicated account manager will work with you to optimize the software so you can reach your goals.

Frequently Asked HCC Coding Software Questions