Increase Your RAF Score Accuracy, Not Your Workload

You deserve to be paid for the exceptional care you provide to your patients. This simple and realistic goal is often challenged by the complexities of value-based care. Physicians are experts at patient care, not coding, which inevitably leads to gaps between documentation and HCC coding. These gaps lead to inaccurate RAF scores and decreased revenue. Our AI technology automatically finds encounters that have been well documented but inaccurately coded, so doctors can be doctors—and coders can boost revenue by immediately improving RAF score accuracy.

Why Choose the HCC Coding Engine?

Our technology reviews every encounter that leaves your EMR in real time. If an encounter does not need coder review, it automatically passes through to your revenue cycle system in milliseconds. If the technology detects an HCC coding gap, it directs the encounter to a coder for review. These changes are integrated back into your revenue cycle system, so accurate claims are sent every time.

20% 20% of Medicare Advantage claims are miscoded
$250,000 A single coder working with the HCC Coding Engine can find at least $250,000 in RAF value every month
Day 1 Results starting day 1: coders can positively impact accurate RAF scores immediately after implementing the HCC Coding Engine

"The automation RCxRules brought to our HCC coding process led to a dramatic productivity hike in our organization and is a key factor in our success with MSSP. The technology is extremely user friendly and the RCxRules team is flexible and responsive."


Kimberly Clifton
Kimberly Clifton Director of ACO Operations, Arizona Community Physicians

The Future Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here

The impact of value-based care on the bottom line of medical groups across the country is continuing to grow. We understand the transition to value-based care isn’t easy—and ensuring you have a consistent and predictable revenue stream is a necessity. That’s why we leverage technology to improve HCC code capture and CPT II code capture for quality measures. In both cases, the goal is to close the gap between what the providers document and what gets reported to the insurance companies. Stay a step ahead as the world moves towards value-based care.


Reduce Burden on Providers

Providers went to medical school to become doctors, not coders. They excel at providing patient care, but often struggle to translate the care provided into HCC codes. Provider education is a good place to start—but providers need support to truly improve RAF score accuracy. That’s why our technology works with your coders, so there’s no additional work required from already overburdened providers.

Reduce Burden on Providers

How the HCC Coding Engine Benefits Your Organization


Generate the revenue required to succeed in value-based contracts by accurately aligning RAF scores with your patients’ health status.


Boost your HCC coders’ productivity by 300%. Automatically identify high-value HCC encounters so your coding team is focused on the visits that have the biggest impact.


Get the credit you deserve for providing high quality patient care with no additional work. Align HCC coding with your documentation by leveraging coders and the HCC Coding Engine.

Need Coders? Combine Technology and Talent for the Most Accurate Coding

The AAPC + RCxRules Advanced Coding managed service acts as an HCC coding safety net. This unique approach means you only incur a cost when AAPC-Certified Risk Adjustment Coders deliver results—you only pay when an HCC code is added, deleted, or adjusted. There are no implementation fees or hidden costs.

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