Automated Charge Review

Get paid faster and more fully—while minimizing or eliminating manual review of charges.

THE ISSUE: Manually reviewing all charges passing from the EMR for billing and coding accuracy causes delays, raises costs, frustrates staff—and increases the likelihood of human errors. Unfortunately, traditional claim scrubbers don’t solve the problem. They sit at the back-end of the process, after charge transactions have been posted to your revenue cycle management (RCM) system—and that’s simply too late.


Unlike traditional claim scrubbers, RCxRules is a front-end solution. It automatically reviews every charge coming from your EMR—before it enters your RCM system.

And how we do it is just as important as when we do it.

We analyze your organization’s own denial patterns, then build custom rules around your most important issues. By incorporating your own organizational knowledge and expertise into your customized RCxRules solution, we ensure 100% consistent, uniform review and management of all your charges.

The end result? You get paid faster—and with far less effort.


Let’s face these challenges together. To learn more about what RCxRules can do for your organization, click here.