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AAPC Case Study: Converting Risk into Revenue

Between June and December 2021, AAPC Services performed risk adjustment audits using the V24 Medicare Advantage model and dates of service from large physician health organizations and a large hospital system.

AAPC Services found an overall 80 percent of the ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes were reported accurately within the providers’ medical record documentation. The remaining 20 percent could lead to inaccuracies in RAF scores and lost revenue.

Read the full case study here.

The AAPC + RCxRules Advanced Coding managed service can help shrink that 20 percent gap by acting as an HCC coding safety net. This unique approach means you only incur a cost when AAPC-Certified Risk Adjustment Coders deliver results--you only pay when an HCC code is added, deleted, or adjusted.

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A Playbook for Pop HealthTeams: Overcoming Common HCC Coding Challenges & Improving RAF Score Accuracy. Download Now!


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