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How athenahealth Users Leverage the Revenue Cycle Engine for Increased Efficiency

Every large medical group faces unique challenges—challenges that cookie-cutter solutions can’t necessarily address. At RCxRules, we work with many complex athenahealth users, and we understand the importance of customization and control.

The RCxRules Revenue Cycle Engine complements athenahealth’s rules engine with highly customized automated rules, allowing users to gain more control over their revenue cycle operations. Within the Revenue Cycle Engine, RCM teams can easily create custom rules in minutes—no tech support required. These rules can be tailored to meet each organization’s specific payer and administrative requirements.


The Revenue Cycle Engine can also be leveraged to reduce customer claim holds. In working with many athenahealth users, we’ve found that RCM teams are often spending significant time and effort addressing the same issues in the same way, over and over. For those billing and coding holds that your team fixes the same way every day, you can create rules that automatically correct these issues. This frees your team up to focus on only the most complex tasks—which improves both efficiency and team morale.


By controlling rule creation and management, quickly implementing tailored rules, and automatically correcting billing and coding issues, you will also improve AR Days and payment accuracy. Ensuring fast, accurate payment has never been easier.

RCxRules is a proud partner of athenahealth. To learn more about how we can help athenahealth users, check out the video below and visit our page on the athenahealth Marketplace. Or, if you have additional questions, set up a 1:1 meeting today.

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