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At RCxRules, we know we’re only as successful as our customers. We can back up our products with statistics and data, but at the end of the day what really matters is how our users feel about working with us and the value they get from our solutions.

We love to hear from our customers—their feedback helps us continue to improve and innovate. We also think it’s important to share this input with potential new users so they can make informed decisions about working with us. To that end, we’ve redesigned our results page to make it easier than ever to find real-world examples of RCxRules in action.

Check out some of our favorite testimonials below, and then head over to our results page for in-depth case studies, customer quotes, and customer success snapshots.

We do employee satisfaction surveys every January and July. Once we implemented RCxRules we saw a 24% increase in employee satisfaction. Our goal is a 75% net promoter score and we’re currently at 83%. We’ve seen employees go from feeling totally overwhelmed to feeling secure and satisfied in their roles. It's a win for us in terms of productivity, and an obvious win for our employees’ wellbeing.”

- Elizabeth Strohminger, Revenue Systems Manager at Eleanor Health

“RCxRules isn’t afraid to think outside of the box to automate tasks that could reduce denials. When you have a high-volume business, automation is the best option to reduce manual errors —and this particular type of transparent automation that gives the user clear oversight and full control is a game changer.”

- Twyla Fuertes, VP of Revenue Cycle and Managed Care at HNI

"Koha Health implemented RCxRules over 10 years ago and today it is a core component of our RCM business. The length of the relationship and ongoing success prove the stability and vision of the product. In addition to the product, our relationship with the RCxRules team from Sales to Account Management to Support to Development continues to be an enjoyable experience."

– Chris Fay, Chief Information Officer at Koha Health


For more testimonials and case studies, visit our results page.


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