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Why You Need an Experienced HCC Coach to Succeed in Value-Based Care

Why You Need an Experienced HCC Coach to Succeed in Value-Based Care

Value-based care is incredibly complex and navigating the challenges of HCC coding in addition to care coordination, chronic care management, and more can be overwhelming. When medical groups are looking to optimize their risk adjustment processes it helps to have a seasoned HCC coding expert as a guide. At RCxRules, that’s where Karen Weed comes in. As our VP of Value-Based Solutions, Karen partners with medical groups using our value-based coding solutions to help them achieve the most accurate diagnosis coding, in the most efficient way possible.

Karen works closely with risk adjustment teams, population health directors, and other key players within a medical organization to share her wealth of knowledge. “Right off the bat I try to gather as much information as possible—who’s currently involved in their HCC coding process, what their value-based contracts looks like, and what do we know about their providers, specialties, and so on,” Karen explains. “I take all of this information into our kickoff call and right away we start to figure out what levers we can put into place to align their most valuable tasks with their current capacity.”

Before implementing our solutions, users get personal training tailored to their unique organization. Karen meets with teams to learn how they like to work. “This isn’t a cookie-cutter solution. We figure out what processes are already in place and we set the system up to be familiar and intuitive so we can minimize the learning curve and best meet their unique goals,” she explains.

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Once a group has been live on our solution for a few weeks, Karen is able to leverage the real-time reporting features to optimize processes. “It’s important to note that we can always make ongoing changes to KPIs and reporting concepts. After a few weeks of data collection, we sit down and look at everything together, determine how the process is working, and tweak for productivity and impact.”

Karen helps groups leverage the solution in ways they might not expect. Groups often think that the only solution to their challenges is to change provider behavior, but Karen says that’s not the case. “We can always work together to solve issues and relieve the burden on providers—we can identify opportunities to target reviews and make provider HCC reviews more efficient.”

HCC coding can be hard to quantify due to its complex nature and the significant lag in payment time. By leveraging real-time reporting and working with an experienced HCC coding coach to get the most out of these reports, groups can generate concrete ROI data in a format that can easily be brought to leadership teams. “It's so important to have somebody that speaks the same language—a true partner as you’re trying to explain this complex process within your organization,” Karen explains. “I love working closely with groups, we have a shared understanding of the challenges and I’m here to be an ally to help groups succeed.”

Interested in working with our resident HCC coding expert Karen? Learn more about our value-based solutions.

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