Urology Medical Billing Software

The Revenue Cycle Engine

Boost your revenue and improve staff efficiency with highly tailored, automated rules that optimize your urology revenue cycle management.

How Our Urology Medical Billing Software Works:


“We are big advocates of RCxRules and consider it to be one of the best technological investments we have made. It is one of those rare instances where the product turned out to be even more powerful than we had been anticipating during the sales process.”
Robin M., Revenue Cycle Director United Urology Group

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Customization and Control

You and your team are already experts at navigating the complex world of urology revenue cycle management. We’ll work with you to identify critical areas where custom rules can dramatically reduce the burden of manual effort by automatically correcting routine billing errors.

Custom Urology Rule Examples

The Challenge

Medicare does not allow ultrasound procedure code 76942 With 76872.

The Solution

When billing Medicare for procedure code 76872 (ultrasound, transrectal), this rule automatically removes procedure code 76942 (ultrasonic guidance for needle placement).

Why Choose the Revenue Cycle Engine?

Our technology integrates with systems you already use. Working seamlessly on the front end of your process, RCxRules reviews each and every charge for coding completeness and accuracy immediately after it leaves your EMR, before a claim is created.

100% 100% of charges automatically verified against industry standard and client-specific rules
4 Million Charges are validated against over 4 million billing and coding conditions
50% Automatically corrects 50% of the billing issues identified
“I appreciate RCxRules for their quick responses, commitment to excellence, organization, and exceptional knowledge. They were fantastic to work with. During implementation, when there were unforeseeable bumps, they provided the best support to ensure all of our needs were met beyond expectation.”
Rebecca Ashley Data Entry Team Lead, Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute

Fix Bad Data Up Front

The prevalence of EMRs has led to a daily onslaught of bad electronic billing data. Since providers didn’t go to medical school to become coders, you end up with a lot of errors to sort through. And while you didn’t create this system, you are responsible for managing it. RCxRules is here to help–cleaning data at the beginning of the process, saving you countless hours of manual work.


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