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How RCxRules Crowdsources Content to Help You Stay One Step Ahead

The RCxRules Revenue Cycle Engine is a custom solution tailored to address the unique needs of a medical group. While implementing the solution, the RCxRules team works closely with stakeholders at a medical group to translate their unique knowledge and expertise into rules that autocorrect billing and coding errors.

As Kathy Ray, Director of Client Success at RCxRules, explains, the solution’s value doesn’t stop there. “RCxRules solutions offer ongoing benefits that go beyond the initial implementation. We work hard to keep our content relevant—we’re always updating and adding to our rule library to help our customers stay ahead of the curve. We have a coding team who regularly attend industry billing and coding events to keep up to date on the latest coding developments. We’re always up to date and compliant from a regulatory perspective, but it goes beyond that. We also listen to our customers and work together to give them everything they need to succeed.”


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It starts with the initial discovery phase when a new customer onboards with RCxRules. An RCxRules in-house coding specialist sits in on this process and notes the rule requests coming from the customer. If she hears any rule ideas that could be applicable to a wider group of users, she’ll bring them back to the team. Once a customer is live and the implementation team has tweaked and perfected their rule set, the RCxRules client success team takes another look at their rule set and sees if there’s anything else that would be good to push out to everyone from a global perspective.

RCxRules also hosts quarterly customer roundtables to hear directly from customers about the types of content that would be most useful to them. “Often when a customer asks for a specific rule others chime in and realize they could benefit from it too, so we end up creating it and making it available to everyone,” Kathy explains.

For example, the RCxRules team created a cardiology rule to address a specific challenge faced by one group around capturing cardiac rhythm device evaluations and frequency limitations. The team realized this rule could apply to other groups and made it available in the rule library, where it’s now a customer favorite utilized by groups across the country.  

These customer discussions also help the RCxRules team better understand specialty billing and coding requirements. “We don’t just focus on primary care, we’re constantly looking to deliver rule content that’s valuable to all of our customers’ specialties,” Kathy explains.

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