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How to Get Leadership Buy-in for HCC Coding Solutions

Succeeding in value-based care isn’t easy. Current staffing shortages and remote work challenges make succeeding even more difficult. Many groups are turning to automation to improve efficiency and increase RAF score accuracy. As you allocate your budget for the new year, how can you best advocate for the cost of an HCC coding solution?

Address Topical Challenges
By leveraging technology that works with your coders, you can reduce the responsibility that falls on providers. Most medical groups right now are dealing with extensive staffing challenges as well as provider overwork. Physicians are stressed and overburdened, and experienced coders are hard to come by. Making coding a physician problem by adding more coding responsibilities on top of their patient work is a recipe for burnout.

Solutions like the HCC Coding Engine can boost HCC coders’ productivity by 300% by automatically identifying high-value HCC encounters so they can focus on the visits that have the biggest impact. In short, automation helps you do more with less—without adding to provider workload.

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Leverage Real-Time Reporting

HCC coding can be hard to quantify due to its complex nature and the significant lag in payment time. The real-time reporting capabilities of the RCxRules HCC Coding Engine help groups to get a clear picture of the impact of the solution right away. Rather than having to rely on gut instinct and anecdotal input, HCC coding leaders can provide real data to leadership when it’s time to make decisions around budgeting.
For example, one medical group began a pilot program of the AAPC + RCxRules Advanced Coding Managed Service with a planned six-month runtime and one AAPC certified coder. Based on the ROI of the first three months of the program they have already made the decision to add a second coder.

Plan for a Smooth Transition

Implementing a new solution doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking. Groups implementing the HCC Coding Engine get to work with a dedicated HCC coach to ensure they get the most out of the solution. Training on the software only takes a few hours, and coders can start impacting RAF scores right away.

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