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RCxRules Conferences and Events: Where Should We Go?

Conferences and events are a great opportunity for the RCxRules team to meet with prospective new customers and connect with existing partners and customers. We love getting to speak with users and learn from their experiences. We use ongoing customer feedback to continuously improve our product offering through tools like our rule library, and are always interested in hearing about our products in action.

Last year most conferences were back in person, and everyone was energized and excited to be meeting face to face again. The RCxRules team traveled to a lot of the big national events, some of which are highlighted below. We’ll be attending these again this year and are also hoping to add some new events to our list.

If you’re reading this blog, you’re someone we would love to connect with! Whether you’re a current RCxRules user or someone who wants to learn more about our products, let us know what events you’ll be attending this year.

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AMGA Annual Conference

This event’s focus on large medical groups is a perfect fit for us. Last year we were able to connect with some of our users and introduce a lot of new people to our HCC Coding Engine. Attendees were from a mix of hospital-owned, independently-owned, and PE-backed medical groups, and the conference itself focused on physicians, clinical support, and the evolution into value-based care. This was a productive event for our team and our customers and we’re looking forward to attending again in March.

HFMA Annual Conference

This is the biggest conference for healthcare finance professionals. The sessions have more of a hospital/inpatient focus, but the large attendee list provides lots of opportunities for productive conversations. Most major RCM vendors are in attendance, so it’s a great opportunity for networking all around.

HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition

For years, HIMSS was the dominant Health IT conference with an average of 30k attendees, but now ViVE is giving them a run for their money. HIMSS is still a major event that we’re looking forward to attending. All the major EHR and RCM vendors attend, so we take the opportunity to meet with a lot of our partners.

The RCxRules team hasn’t attended ViVE yet, but we’d love to hear from those who have. How does it compare to HIMSS, and is it worth adding to our list? Where else should we go this year? Are there any smaller regional events that you think we should attend? As always, we value your opinions and we’d love to hear from you!

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